Complex and Diverse Concreting Works

We are highly skilled in completing complex concreting works. Multi-level concrete bunding and plinths are handled easily by our professional team of concreters, steel fixers and formsetters. Our depth of experience is second to none, with many years working on complex and diverse logistical projects.

AESTEC have the ability to install, protect and repair any concrete, grout or epoxy required. We have extensive experience in many different systems such as:

  • Keyed expansion joints such as Danely and Connolly
  • Water stops suitable for caustic and other harmfull chemicals
  • Concrete sealers such as Concure, Nitocote and Xypex for curing and sealing
  • Cathodic protection systems such as Galvasheild & Ebonex


"To achieve maximum customer satisfaction through continuous improvement and reliable service.