Complete Construction Management

Aestec have completed many high profile and complex projects including the South Gladstone Reservoir roof structure replacement, a new state of the art laboratory building at Cement Australia, Bechtel Warehouse, a new hot metal laydown yard for Boyne Smelters, and numerous other large projects for industrial companies.

Aestec offers clients a full-service team of designers/builders, estimators, project managers, superintendents and skilled tradesmen. Aestec consistently completes projects on time and within budget, with an attention to detail and period accuracy that has impressed and satisfied our clients time and time again.

Queensland Alumina West Contaminants Pond Upgrade

Aestec completed the West Contaminants Pond Upgrade works. The works were completed without incident.

Works included:

  • Bulk and Detailed Earthworks,
  • HDPE Sheet Installation to storage dam,
  • HDPE Pipe Installation,
  • Large concrete construction (>400m2)

Seepage Tank Project​

Aestec completed the Seepage Tank works. The works were completed without incident.

Works included:
  • Excavation of Area and footings
  • Cut 600mm Deep and reinstate
  • Installation of 450mm HDPE
  • Excavation and Installation of 50mm bedding sand over entire area 360m2
  • Installation of 250thk concrete ring beam
  • Installation of concrete edge with bund wall
  • Installation of 2 x plinth for skid mounted diesel pump

Rio Tinto Yarwun Cogen Shed Construction

Works Included:

  • 8m deep piers
  • concrete works
  • 20x20m structural steel erecting
  • cladding
  • electrical
  • all associated works.

Rio Tinto Yarwun

Replacement of approx. 9000km galvanised potable water line with stainless steel.

Projected included:

  • temporary poly lines
  • removal of existing pipe
  • roll grooving
  • lagging
  • brackets
  • installation

Rio Tinto

Construction of concrete drains, batters, hard stand pads and roads.

Boyne Smelters BSL Chlorine Replacement Building - TAC Building Installation

Aestec completed turn key project.

  • Starting from Civil earthworks construction
  • Structural concrete installation capped with Fondu heat resistant concrete layer
  • Fabrication and Erection of new TAC Building structure
  • Sheeting and ventilation installation
  • Design and install sliding doors
  • Installation of all of the mechanical and electrical operational components


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