Bulk Earth Works Awoonga Dam Site

Bulk Earth Works Awoonga Dam Site

Job title: Bulk Earth Works Awoonga Dam Site
Duration: December 2020 – March 2021
Client: Gladstone Area Waterboard

Project Details

This project involved the civil works for the construction of a multi-species Hatchery at the Awoonga Dam Site near Gladstone Queensland. The Hatchery was completed in several stages.  Aestec Services were excited to be apart of the first stage.

GAWB maintains fish stocks within Lake Awoonga through the operation of a fish hatchery. The first fingerlings were targeted for March 2022.


Work Includes

  • Heavy Earthworks including Clearing & Grubbing, Topsoil Strip and stockpile
  • Ground Surface Treatment & removal of unsuitable material
  • Excavation of Rock including breaking / removal of boulders/unsuitable material
  • Excavation and placement of engineered fill to Roads, building pad, open drains & Temporary sediment basin
  • Installation of stormwater drainage system including 225mm PVC and 100mm socked subsoil drainage



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