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Sheet Metal
Sheetmetal and insulation on the pipe work to a chiller. All work was
completed by Aestec tradesmen, including the pipework and supports.
 Aestec's sheetmetal and insulation team is comprised of highly skilled tradespersons supplied with the latest technology to ensure maximum productivity. Our capability has no limits! No matter what the material, wether it be stainless steel, colourbond, copper, carbon steel, aluminium, zinc anneal or a combination we can form it to any requirement.

The specialised equipment in our modern workshop comprises a computer
operated guillotine and folder, seaming tools such as the Pitsburgh lockseamer & Bramley swage and jenny.

With special class boilermakers and pressure welders working beside our sheetmetal team, Aestec is the leader in innovative and fluid techniques.
Lobster Backs are easily formed with the correct tooling and expertise.
Aestec complete all thermal, acoustic and refractory insulation type works, including those in the most uncomfortable in convenient locations.
Insulation and cladding on vessels and other plant is common practice to us at Aestec.
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