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  Aestec have a large team of fully qualified experienced plumbers, familiar with industry requirements and culture, ensuring the work is completed to AS3500 in approved time frame and within budget.

Aestec have the ability, training and tooling to complete the following:

Backflow prevention installations and testing
Large and small bore electrofusion & butt welding of polethene and ABS piping systems
Installations and maintenance of type A & B level gasfitting on pipe work, regulators, valving and appliances.
Stainless steel and copper pipework systems such as Pressfit and Viega
Installation, maintenance and flow testing of hose reels and hydrants and fire sprinkler systems.
Large bore high pressure DICL and cast iron water supply lines
Fabrication and
installation of stainless
steel potable water lines.
Aestec's boilermakers
and plumbers completed
the work as a team,
ensuring the project was
on time and to Australian
Aestec completed major changes to the 500 mm diameter high density poly lines. Poly welding is a skill we pride ourselves in at Aestec..
Installation of Type B gas regulators and flow
meters for a commercial gas fired dryer in
Gladstone. Commissioning the OPSO to a
trip pressure of 122.5kpa.
Installation of new high pressure air, water and
oil lines. Aestec’s plumbers and boilermakers
work in unison to complete the pipe work and
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