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Aestec have completed many high profile and complex projects. (more)
Over many years Aestec have developed a maintenance team diverse enough to take on any challenge. (more)
If you need to dig it, move it, break it, demolish it, remove it, bore it, spread it, place it, or compact it, we can do it! (more)
Plumbing and Gasfitting
Aestec have a large team of fully qualified experienced plumbers, familiar with industry requirements and culture, ensuring the work is completed to AS3500 in approved time frame and within budget. (more)
Sheetmetal and Insulation
Aestec's sheet metal and insulation team is comprised of highly skilled tradespersons supplied with the latest technology to ensure maximum productivity. (more)
Aestec have completed many small to very large and very complex concreting works. (more)
Specialist Grout And Concrete
Repair The installation of specialised products requires meticulously applied techniques. (more)
Our workshop boasts lean manufacturing principles based around demarcated, segregated work stations promoting 5S standards to ensure safe and efficient production outcomes. (more)
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